Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mummy, Tomb of the dragon emperor

This month blockbuster the Mummy, Tomb of the dragon emperor, the picture was not as good as the mummy return. The Han emperor which play by the Asian star jet li and women sorceress known as Zi Juan play by Michelle Yeoh. The Han emperor want Zi juan to be his wife but Zi juan has an affair and love his general. The general was put to death by the emperor. Before Zi Juan has already make a curse on the emperor and his follower to turn into terra cotta.

Alex O'connell play by Luke ford
son of Rick O'connell by the main actor of mummy return, Brendar Fraser and his wife Evelyn ( Maria Bello ) and brother in law Jonathan ( John Hannah ) had to stop the emperor from treaten to plunge the world after Alex has discover the tomb with his father best friend Roger Wilson play by David Calder. Roger wilson be tratior them by joining force with the Chinese general Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as General Yang to open the 2,000 years curse and make the Han emperor alive again.

The picture was taken in a Himalayas mountain and the beautiful neon lit street of post war Shanghai. The O'Connell had to stop the Han emperor from achieve his aim with the help of Zi Juan daugther, Lin, play by Isabella Leong and three white huge animals to stop the Han from reaching his goal. The emperor achieve it and summon his warrior alive but was stop by Zi Juan the sorceress who summon the death to fight the army.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This Indiana Jones picture The kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I presume this will be the last film of Indiana Jones play by Harrison Fords. At the age of sixty five I think he don't have the energy to go on when he has the full energy to act the early Indiana Jones. This Indiana Jones picture was not so exciting then the early adventures where by Harrison Ford acting was not so much then before Indiana Jones. The picture was most act by his lost child knowns as Mutt William cast by Shia LeBeouf and the Russian women general Irina Spalko plays by Cate Blanchett. Marion Ravenwood plays by his main women from the first films till the last Indiana Jones (Karen allen). The Indiana Jones movies were directed by Steven Spielberg and written by George Lucas.

This Indiana Jones picture The kingdom of the Crystal Skull is about putting the glass heads back to the body from other space. The adventures is driving their jeep down three consecutive waterfalls and the sword plays between Mutt William and Irina Spalko on a speeding jeeds. Thousand of ant eaters attacking and eating people when it passed by. Their job is to find Prof Oxley plays by John Hurt to leads them to the secret place and place back the glass heads. The ending was very beautiful as both Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood ties their knots and became husband and wife.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movies news Dragon balls

Even before the pictures Dragon balls is release on the June 2009, the picture is much talk by many people in town. The movies news is about a young boy name Goku Plays by Justin Chatin try to find the great master plays by Chow Yun Fat as master Roshi to gain the procession of all the seven Dragon balls before king Piccolo stars by James Marsters gets the seven Dragon balls and destroy the world. The young boy accepted his dying request from his grandfather and seek to find master Roshi and find the seven Dragon ball which he has already one in his procession.

The story was director, Producer and screenwriter by James Wong and in a 20th century fox studio. Steven Chow were announced as director and producer respectively. The shooting of dragon balls began in December the 3rd 2007 in Mexico city. Jamie Chung as Chi Chi became close to Goku and she became her love in terest. He mets Bulma plays by Emmy Rossum whom she helps him when one of Goku dragon balls is stolen by king PIccolo. Inorder to get the Dragon ball he has to passed many ostacle and even battle with the King Piccolo son.

Monday, March 31, 2008

A Paramount pictures is going to release a movies film Iron man in theatre nationwide.

Soon on the 2nd of May A Paramount pictures is going to release a movies film Iron man in theatre nationwide. The film is director by Jon Favereau The movies news is about a billionaire plays by Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark known iron man who was kidnapped and force to build a deadly weapon. Tony stark a genius inventor used his intelligence to build a high-tech suit of armor to help in his escapes captivity.

After his escape and accident, he uncover a nefarious plot with global implication, he worn the high tech suit armor and vows to protect the world from crime. Together with his best friend Terrence Howard as Lt coloney known as Jim Rhodes and Gwyneth Paltrow, the Oscar winner, his executive assitance known as Virginia "Pepper " Potts and Obadiah Stane ( Jeff Bridge ) knowns as Iron Monger who works for Tony father before Tony birth will help Tony to see his work done quickly.Together their stand and fight the world from crime.

To know more about Iron Man and his top secrets, go to The Iron Man Movie Site.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The movies 10,000 B.C.

The movies news 10,000 B.C. Is about a young brave boy in a remote mountain. This young hunter D.Leh ( Steven Strait ) is force to defend his people when a invaded band of mysterious warlords capture his people and force them to be a slave. The boy whom their tribes young people called him coward because of his father ran away fall in love and try to win the heart of a beautiful princess name Evolet ( Camilla Belle ). When the mysterious warlords capture his people and kidnap his girlfriend. He leads a small groups of three to hung down the kidnapper and save his people.

On His ways he has to passed many dangerous area to reach his destination but eventually his groups joined with others tribes whose people suffer the same incident. He was the leaders of the groups because the people believes he was send by gods to save them from invaders. They keep walking till their heroic journey end that they discover a lost civilization.

There they found that their people was force to slavery to build a great pyramids to reach the sky by a the person who called god to his own people. Together with his people and the slave their brought down the so called god and the empire. It is here that D’Leh finally comes to understand that he has been called to save not only Evolet but all of civilization. During the fight Evolet was arrow by the warlords leader when she try to escape. D;leh kill the warlord with his spear but eventually Evolet was saved by Old mother.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Actor Tony Leung the favourite to win the Golden Hourse Awards for the best actor

This year Golden Horse Awards which is to be held in Taipei on December the 8th will see three Singapore films competing with the favourite actor Tony Leung Chui Wai, leading main actors in film Lust Caution who is also running for the best actor awards. The Singapore Song Stories, Is the second most nominated film with seven nods, including best films, best actress for Joan Chen and best supporting actor Joel Lok.

Another Singapore famous actor Gurmit Singh has been nominated the best actor shortlist and the films has beebn given the green light as the best original sreenplay and best visual effects categories. Gurmit Singh said he did not know that his had entered him for the contest in the movies film In Just Follow Law with singapore actress Fann Wong. He said he is honoured to be in the same category as Cannes Best Best Actor winner Tony Leung. Others Singapore films The Royston Tan musical 881 is up fot the best makeup and best costume design.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The golden compass

Golden compass is the lastest talk movies news and the story is where witches rules the nothern skies. It is about magisterium play by Sir Derek Jacobi which seek to control all of humanity and trying to possess the golden compass from Lyra Belacqua. The golden compss is the greatest treat to them if they never have the golden compass. This golden compass is a mystical device that can tell the truth and also can reveals which people try to hide. As the world is dominated by the mysterious where people had to joined hands with animals spirits and hence the story whereby the ice bears is the bravest warriors.

Lyra Belaqua plays by Dakota Blue Richards trying to rescue her bestfriends from disappering with other children to the north. She woes to rescue his friend Roger, play by Ben walker to the end of the world to rescue him and was drawn into the traps by the magisterium. Lyra realizes that she will have to embark on her own journey to rescue Roger and stop the Magisterium. But fate puts her in the protection of a tribe of seafaring Gyptians led by Lord Faa, plays by Jim Carter, Farder Coram plays by Tom Courteney and Ma Costa by Claire Higgins. Lyra is accompanied everywhere by her daemon, Pantalaimon--a small, ever-changing animal who helps her to fight the magisterium. Her best change to get away when when a new figure, Marisa Coulter plays by Marisa Coulter appears at the college a beguiling scientist and world traveler. Lyra will need all her skill and all her courage, to stop magisterium.